Effective information security involves using an integrated approach combining both organizational and technical security measures.

JSC «DialogueScience» offers wide-ranging consulting services in development, deployment and support of integrated information security systems. All services are grouped into a single cycle and include the following main categories:

Technical support of the security systems
Administration of security tools
Outsourcing of security functions
Security system management under a Service Level Agreement
Secure Mail service

Software and hardware deliveries
Software and hardware installation and configuration
Security system testing
Personnel training

Penetration testing
ISO 27001 and ISO 27002 compliance assessment
Automated security scan
Assessment of compliance with Bank of Russia requirements
Security risk assessment and analysis
Audit to detect confidential data leaks onto the Internet
Assessment of compliance with the requirements of the Federal Law On Personal Data

Development of a technical requirements for the security systems
Design of an integrated information security systems
Development of user manuals
Development of an information security management systems compliant with ISO 27001

Development of the information security policies
Creation of technical policies
Development of a business continuity policies
Creation of information security procedures and instructions

Phase one (AUDIT) of the services cycle involves an information security audit to analyze how secure the client is against external and internal threats. Analysis data are used to develop the security policies (phase two, SECURITY POLICY) and a number of auxiliary regulations that formalize the information security processes at the organization. If the client already has a security policy in place, it is upgraded to meet the modern requirements and the currently relevant model of security threats.

Phase three (DESIGN) involves designing an integrated information security system. At the design stage, specific solutions are chosen to protect information resources. This phase may also involve developing an information security management system compliant with ISO 27001:2005.

Phase four (DEPLOYMENT) involves installing and configuring security tools included in the integrated information security system. This phase may also include personnel training.

Phase five (SUPPORT) involves technical support of the information security system.

JSC «DialogueScience» provides these services either jointly or separately depending on the client’s needs. This differentiated approach enables a phased implementation of the full range of organizational and technical security measures, allowing the client to effectively distribute costs and human resources across the project timeline.

Highly-skilled JSC «DialogueScience» consultants will offer the most convenient format and the optimum selection of services to match the individual specifics of the client company, taking into account the economic feasibility of the project.